Monday, August 23, 2010

New Look... New Stuff

Hi everyone... So some new things are going to be happening with my blog... I'm going to pick some helpful hints that help me and my fellow DBA's with what we do on a Daily or weekly basis. These should be helpful for all but you are more than welcomed to share your experiences on what Tips help you the most. One thing that is comming is an article on Wait times... I had the pleasure of trying out Confio's Ignite software. And while it does some really great things, such as pointing out where the bottle necks are for performance on your server. It can be pretty pricey and really does not introduce anything you can't already do.

I'm planning on rolling out a short but continuous list of I/O wait times what they are and how to use them to boost performance on your SQL Server within the coming weeks, I will not concentrate on Sql Server 2005/2008 alone, I know that is the trend in the tech community but there are still many organizations that use Sql Server 2000, I mean... why upgrade Legacy systems and pay more money when those systems are perfectly fine, and fine tunned? Sometimes all that is needed is a little tunning :)

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