Monday, April 26, 2010

iPad Wifi Networking Issues

I had recently been reading a lot about the the wifi issues surrounding the iPad, and though this post is not SQL related, it kinda is for me. You see I was using a Remote Desktop app on my iPad when the connection started to drop out on me. Something new that I had started to experience. I determined that it had to do with bluetooth being enabled. I tried disabling it and the iPad returned to it's normal bandwidth loving behavior... the thing was that I was using a bluetooth keyboard with it to type up my sql... so I had to find an alternate solution...

Solution one... you can actually just turn up the brightness on your iPad and it will keep the wifi from going into sleep mode.. wierd right?

or in my case so I didn't need to fumble around I decided to changes some wifi settings of my TrendNet Router, I found the settings at the macrumors forum,

the settings on my wireless that fixed my problem (apparently permanently)

Under the Advanced Wireless Settings...
Change the Beacon Interval to 75
Fragmentation Threshold to 2304
RTS Threshold to 2307

To this I say to the original poster (WesleyB).. great find! Oh sure I could just use the virtual keyboard and not mess with my router, and sure I could just turn up the brightness on my device... but I love just picking up the iPad and quickly logging in to my Sql Server and pick up right where I left off. no fuss, no muss...

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