Friday, February 13, 2009

Turbo Charge Your SSMS

The other day a co-worker mentioned one of his biggest pet peeves about Sql's new IDE. Of course he likes the old IDE, but what he detested the most was the slow bloat time it took to get his SSMS loaded on the screen. When we timed the boot time for his Enterprise Manager to load it took nearly 7 seconds. Not bad, but then proceeded to tell me how much longer SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio) took to load. I guessed that it could possibly be about 10 seconds (only 3 more seconds) but I was shocked to see it load in nearly 25 seconds. it was nearly 3x less productive just loading the thing before you could connect to do anything. I couldn't believe that it was nearly that slow on his computer, I had never timed it on my pc. So when I returned I had to try it. Again the load time was nearly 20 seconds on my machine (about 18 seconds to be exact). I was not entirely pleased with my results but thankfully Google provided the answer, one quick search for "Turbo charge my SSMS" yielded the following result which brings that load time to that of Enterprise Manager about 6-7 when you are prompted with the server you want to connect to.

Speed up your Sql Server Management studio

The solution is rather simple. First get rid of the splash screen (unless you really like it.) by adding the /nosplash parameter to your shortcut.

next the real jewel, Go into Internet Explorer's Tools>Options>Advance Tab and look for the Security section, uncheck the following two settings:

o Check for publisher's certificate revocation
o Check for server certificate revocation*

once you have completed these tasks you will notice what appears to be a TurboCharged SSMS!