Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One sandwich short of a picnic

I had an issue at work the other day, something that seems kind of odd to me. You see in Sql Server 2000 you could setup a view with an order by. Of course this required a TOP 100 PERCENT to be specified at the top of the query. You could then take that view and base new views off of it and all results would be ordered by the original view. In Sql Server 2005 (SP1 or even SP2) everything changed, now you could no longer get the correct order by if you coupled it w/ the TOP 100 PERCENT in your view, but then again, if you do not use a the TOP keyword you can't save your view. The solution to how to get around the issue is in the following blog article.

A proposed solution has been placed on the MSDN site so you can vote on it. It seems the proposal is to do away with the ability to create ordered by views which technically go against the rules of rational theory....

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